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Flying a sUAS at Princeton

Small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS), also referred to as drones, model airplanes or remote control aircraft, are controlled aircraft without an onboard pilot. In higher education, the uses for sUAS are growing rapidly as technology advances and changes in federal regulations make possible a wide array of applications in research, education, and operations.

Princeton University has instituted procedures and policies for the use of sUAS. Policies are designed to ensure that use of sUAS by students and researchers on campus is conducted in a safe, responsible manner. Use of sUAS that is intrusive of personal privacy, or endangers the security of anyone in the Princeton community, will not be tolerated.
To learn more about how sUAS technology is being used at Princeton, check out our blog

Blog: Updates From the Field

Princeton Students Build Apps Centered on Addressing Privacy Implications of Drone Use

Friday, Apr 21, 2017, 2:10 pm
by Oluseyi O. Fasoranti

As drones become more pervasive on college campuses and other locations for a diverse range of applications, discussions on their impact on the security and privacy within communities are beginning to take place. One potential concern, for example, are that some drones can be used to take video footage of private spaces where it is expected...

Video: Demonstrating Principles of Flight With sUAS

Wednesday, Apr 12, 2017, 4:07 pm
by js74

A recent morning in Jadwin Gym saw students in Jason Puchalla's Physics 108 class learning to operate remote control birds and mini quadcopters, part of a hands-on lesson in the complexities of animal flight.

The test flights demonstrated the limitations of Bernoulli's Principle in predicting the ways creatures get—and stay—airborne.


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Thursday, Jan 3, 2019

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is now using drones to conduct safety inspections of employer facilities—but only if the...

Wednesday, Sep 26, 2018

Even as new laws have sought to protect privacy rights on the internet, the surveillance potential of drones has exploded with new products and...

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