COVID-19 Guidance

Princeton University is actively monitoring the situation around COVID-19 and the evolving guidance from government and health authorities. While research and business use of sUAS is permitted subject to University policies, no recreational sUAS flights are allowed on the Princeton campus at this time.

In addition to the normal policies governing sUAS activity, all local, state and University directives related to COVID-19 must be strictly adhered to. These include the visitor policy and Information for University Contractors and Vendors, both of which impact the drone program.

Outside contractors sponsored by a University-affiliated individual, approved by the UAS Management Team and meeting all requirements of the sUAS Policy are considered "approved visitors" under the visitor policy. Contractors are required to follow all University health and safety guidelines as detailed in the contractor information.

The latest University guidance for students, faculty and staff related to COVID-19 is available at the Princeton Covid Resources website:

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