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sUAS Management Team

Karla Ewalt - Senior Associate Dean for Research, Office of the Dean for Research 
Phone: 609-258-9410 | Email: [email protected]

Karla Ewalt

Robin Izzo - Executive Director, Environmental Health and Safety 
Phone: 609-258-6259 | Email: [email protected]

Robin Izzo

Ken Strother - Assistant Vice President for Public Safety
Phone: 609-258-3133 | Email: [email protected]

Kenneth Strother

sUAS Advisory Committee

A sub-committee of the University Environmental Safety and Risk Management (ESRM) Committee, comprised of representatives from University offices including, but not limited to, Audit and Compliance, Dean for Research, Environmental Health and Safety, Facilities, General Counsel, Public Safety, Risk Management, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, and Procurement Services, who serve as advisors to the sUAS Management Team on issues pertaining to the oversight of sUAS.

Karla Ewalt - Senior Associate Dean for Research, Office of the Dean for Research


David Burden - Deputy Vice President, Head of content Strategy, Office of Communications

Thomas Dunne - Deputy Dean of Undergraduate Students, Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students

Stephen Elwood - Associate Director for Laboratory Safety, Environmental Health and Safety

Robin Izzo - Assistant Vice President, Environmental Health and Safety

John Jenkins - Assistant Director for Export Control and Compliance, Research and Project Administration

Kevin Licciardi - University Counsel, Office of the General Counsel

Donald Lowe - Assistant Vice President for Facilities Operations

Kaitlin Lutz - Director for Administration, Finance and Planning, Engineering and Applied Science 

Missy McGinn - Assistant Vice President for Risk Management, Office of the VP for Finance and Treasurer 

Mike Stillwagon - Associate Director for Housing Facilities and Planning

Kenneth Strother - Assistant Vice President for Public Safety Administration, Public Safety

Joseph Woodward - Senior Associate Director, Procurement Services, Office of the VP for Finance and Treasurer

Ethan Zlotchew - Senior Compliance Analyst, Audit and Compliance