Preferred Locations Map

The only approved location for flying sUAS on Princeton University property is the Forrestal Helistop and adjacent fields on the Forrestal Campus in Plainsboro. The West Windsor Fields are no longer available due to the Lake Campus development.

As of September 2023, the Forrestal Helistop is an FAA-recognized identification area (FRIA), exempting research and recreational flights within the boundaries of the fly zone from federal Remote ID requirements

The helipad is located at 701 Forrestal Road. Parking is available, and the TigerTransit Route 3 Merwick to Forrestal/PPPL via Equad bus line has a stop nearby. 

GPS Location: 40°20'48.2"N 74°36'42.4"W

New Forrestal Map With FRIA Boundaries

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Route to Forrestal

Proposed flights in this location are subject to availability and must be reserved in advance using the flight request form. No flights are permitted at any other locations at Forrestal, and prohibitions against flying over structures, parking lots and roads will be strictly enforced. Operators must adhere to all Safety and Operational Rules including maintaining line-of-sight contact with sUAS at all times. Rocket flights are prohibited.