UAS Traffic Management is Next Step for FAA

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

With the Part 107 rule for commercial UAS operation under its belt, the FAA is looking to further its mission of balancing entrepreneurship and technological advance with safety and security. 

In order to open the skies up to further (and inevitably higher-risk) expansion of UAS operations, the FAA plans to develop a UTM, or UAS traffic management system. 

“UTM is widely regarded as a system that will rapidly and safely enable large-scale small UAS operations, together with other [National Air Space] users, in low altitude airspace,” writes Tom Hoffman, managing editor of FAA Safety Briefing magazine. 

The FAA and NASA have formed a Research Transition Team (RTT) to develop an air traffic management system for UAS, made up of four subgroups: concepts, data, sense and avoid (SAA) technologies, and communications/navigation.  

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