Tuesday, Feb 28, 2017

Princeton graduate Paul Misener, Amazon’s vice president of global innovation policy and communications, spoke at CES 2017 about the impact of regulation on Amazon’s plans for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) delivery services. 

Amazon began testing its fully autonomous, drone delivery service in Cambridgeshire, England in December 2016....

Friday, Feb 10, 2017

The Stars and Stripes sparkling in the sky behind Lady Gaga was a thrilling site during the Super Bowl halftime show. But just how was it done? Turns out, the dancing lights were 300 volleyball-sized drones, equipped with powerful LED lights and controlled by a computer program. 

Friday, Jan 6, 2017

A provisional ban prohibits flying sUAS in national parks. The temporary rule, adopted in 2014, carries a maximum penalty of a $5,000 fine and six months in jail, though the National Parks Service often treats encounters with users as an “educational moment.” A policy update is expected later in 2017.