The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) to be registered with the agency if the device will be used outdoors and weighs between 0.55 lbs and 55 lbs.

The FAA 's Drone Zone offers tools for sUAS registration, either under Part 107 guidelines or under the exception for recreational flyers. Go to the Drone Zone »

UAS weighing over 55 pounds require paper (N-number) registration. N-number registration may also be required to operate small unmanned aircraft in some foreign jurisdictions. Learn more on the FAA website »

video from the FAA explains more about the registration process. The FAA also has general registration information.

Remote ID Compliance

In accord with the rule on Remote ID, which goes into effect September 16, 2023, pilots must list the serial number(s) of each Standard Remote ID drone and/or the Remote ID broadcast module when registering. Modules are required to be used with older, non-compliant drones and existing registrations should be modified to add the serial number for the remote ID broadcast module.   

Most newer drones are manufactured with remote ID-compliant hardware, however, compliance must be verified by checking on the FAA website. Enter your serial number to see if your aircraft has a Declaration of Compliance (DOC).

Learn more about Remote ID »