sUAS Flight Request Form

This form  is required for individuals, departments and organizations requesting to use Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS), aka drones, on the Princeton University Campus.

Submit complete requests at least one week prior to the earliest flight; incomplete requests will require longer processing times.

Operator Information

(e.g., list remote or regular pilot certificates, other completed training)

Flight Location and Times

Field, building, address or other more specific details of where you intend to fly.
List specific dates and times, including backup times in the event of inclement weather. Also include any special requests.

Planned Flight Operation

(e.g., student independent work; sponsored research project; coursework; data collection, aerial photography, examining aerodynamics or communications systems, recreation, etc.)
(If self-built, provide description)
(devices between 0.55 to 55 lbs, flown outdoors must be registered with the FAA)

Invitees/Third-Party Operators

All photography and filming by Invitees/third-party operators must be approved by the Office of Communications. Complete and send the Princeton University authorization form to

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